In 1993, the Portage Project staff created the Growing: Birth to Three for programs serving infants and toddlers. In Growing, the intervention process begins with the parent rather than the child and focuses on the parent-child interaction and daily
routines occurring within the family and the larger community.

With the introduction of the revised Portage Guide 3, we discontinued sales of Growing on December 31, 2015.


Growing materials available: 
    • Development Guides; set of 10, plus master form (Development Guides available in Spanish also) $99.95

    • Nurturing Journals; set of 10 for Parts 1 & 2
      (Nurturing Journals available in Spanish also)

    • Growing Complete Kit
      (CD version); including:
      • Piecing It All Together
      • Building & Sustaining Relationship
      • Interactions & Daily Routines (Books A-K)