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Our Core Values

Our goal is simple, to partner with you to solve your educational challenges and to help meet your most important outcomes.  By sharing our knowledge and experience from our work with agencies like yours, we aim to support you in your work with children and families to be help them grow, thrive, and succeed.


Based Focus

Learning occurs within the context of relationships. We pay attention to the relationships surrounding the child and family, and place primary importance on building relationships as a basis for our work. The path to our most effective work is through relationships, which sustain us both professionally and personally.

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Ecological Approach

Considering and exploring the larger environmental context in which children, families, staff, and programs exist. Recognizing that these elements influence what we see and hear as we observe interactions. There is a continuous adjustment between the developing person and the characteristics of their immediate environment and life context.

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Strengths and Assets Based

Focusing on the strengths or assets of children, families and staff to build relationships and guide intervention. Individualized services build on the strengths and resources of each child and family member.

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Reflective Thinking

Taking the time to think individually and collectively about our work enhances the quality of what we do and how we feel. This reflective process influences our interactions and relationships.

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Family Centered

Viewing families as equal partners with staff and administrators. Families guide the work we do and are the primary decision makers.

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