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Because the first three years build a lifetime.

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The CESA 5 Birth to 3 Program is a service which assists families in supporting their child's development. If you have concerns about the way your child is developing, don't wait! Parents, family members, and professionals work as members of the Early Intervention Team to promote a child's development.


How does Birth to 3 Services fit in with other community services?

The Birth to 3 home-based program is one piece of a network of family support services offered in your community. Families may be involved in one or many services depending on individual child and family needs. The Birth to 3 Program will work together with other service providers to ensure the most effective use of resources for your family.


Who may be eligible for Birth to 3 Services?

Children experiencing difficulties with thinking or learning skills, movement skills, talking and understanding skills, feeding, daily living skills, interactions and play skills. Children with a diagnosed medical, physical or mental condition that may affect their development (e.g., Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic illness, vision or hearing impairments).

The Birth to 3 Program will work with you to:

  • Evaluate your child's development.

  • Develop a plan for services based on your family and child's strengths, concerns and needs.

  • Provide information about additional community resources and link you to them.

  • Offer advocacy and support.


Michelle Davies

Birth to 3 Coordinator


(608) 745 5403

Providing Services to: 

  • Columbia County

  • Juneau County

  • Marquette County

  • Monroe County

  • Wuashara County